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"History for Everyone - Institute for Local History" offers a wide variety of tours which provide you with an opportunity to experience the many-facetted history of the city of Nuremberg. This non-profit making organisation has been involved in presenting local history in Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen and Bamberg since 1985. As well as general presentations of the city's past, it also turns its hand to special topics e.g. the life and work of Albrecht Dürer, the role of Nuremberg in Nationalsocialism, or everyday themes such as the history of the Nuremberg sausage. History for Everyone is particularly concerned to make its subject lively and accessible and to provide visitors from outside Germany with vivid insights into the history and culture of Nuremberg.


From the Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The tour takes place on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds, where the National Socialists held their elaborate annual propaganda spectacle. The tour provides an account of the use of architecture as a theatrical backdrop to the various events, explains the function of the rallies themselves and the way in which Nuremberg has dealt with its National Socialist legacy. Numerous historic fim clips will be shown during the tour. English commentary provided by local guides.

Bookable for groups. 
Length of tour: 1 hour
Start and end of tour: in front of the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds

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"THE NUREMBERG TRIALS. A short guide" order online

Dogs are allowed if being transported in a suitable box.

Nuremberg from the Middle Ages to the Modern Period

Who exactly was Sigena? Who are the little men in red who appear on the front of the clock of Our Lady's Church at midday?What's the story behind Nuremberg "trinkets"? In short, how did Nuremberg become what it is today? The tour offers a journey throug 950 years of Nuremberg's history, describes events, introduces us to some of its prominent figures and presents us with outstanding sights such as the Church of St. Lorenz, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit and the New Museum, an example of the city's modern architecture.

Life in Medieval Nuremberg

Making its way from the imperial castle through the Sebald quarter of the old town to the Beautiful Fountain on the main market square, this tour makes vivid the life of the patrician families, the castle fortifications, the legend of St. Sebald and the life of the Nuremberg craftsmen.

The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Up to the present day the "Nuremberg Rallies", the "Nuremberg Laws" and the "Nuremberg Trials" link the city's name to the period of Nazi rule. The tour presents the rallies as mass-propaganda shows but also gives an insight into the system of concentration and extermination camps which went hand in hand with the propaganda. In addition, there is discussion about how the grounds should be used today.

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"THE NUREMBERG TRIALS. A short guide" order online

On the Trail of Albrecht Dürer

To this day Dürer is the most important Nuremberg artist. An examination of his work is still an exciting experience even after 500 years. From Dürer's house to his grave in St. John's Cemetery, we visit the places where he lived and worked, look at some of his most significant works and discuss the way in which keeping Dürer's memory alive has, from time to time, achieved cult status.

A Culinary Journey through the History of Nuremberg

Why is a Nuremberg sausage called a "Bratwurst" and what is so special about Nuremberg gingerbread? How long have the city's cooks been familiar with ravioli and how much meat was consumed by the citizens of medieval Nuremberg? What is the connection between the planner of the English Garden in Munich and the diet of Nurembergers? These and many more questions will be answered in the course of this culinary adventure. The whole theme will be made even more appetizing by means of tasty examples of Nuremberg cuisine that you will be able to sample during the tour.

In addition to the above-mentioned tours, you are welcome to arrange a programme to suit your individual interests and requirements.

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16 to 30 peopleEuro 105,-


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