Stadtführungen zum Thema Nationalsozialismus in Nürnberg, Fürth, Erlangen und Bamberg

Bus-Video-Tour (english version)

From the Nazi Party Rally Grounds to the Nuremberg Trials

The first part of the tour takes place on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds, where the National Socialists held their elaborate annual propaganda spectacle. The tour provides an account of the use of architecture as a theatrical backdrop to the various events, explains the function of the rallies themselves and the way in which Nuremberg has dealt with its National Socialist legacy. The bus then takes the visitor to the Palace of Justice. Here, after the Second World War, leading political and military fiures stood trial before the International Military Tribunal, accused of committing crimes on an unprecedented scale. Numerous historic fim clips will be shown during the tour. English commentary provided by local guides.

Please notice:
Starting in February, the Bus-Video-Tour will cover the Rally Grounds only .
Duration of tour: 1 hour
Price 9,- / 8,- Euro

Further reading: "THE NAZI PARTY RALLY GROUNDS NUREMBERG. A Short Guide" and "THE NUREMBERG TRIALS. A short guide"

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Kosten: 19,- / 18,- Euro (Entrance to Memorium Nuremberg Trials included)


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Details zum Rundgang "Bus-Video-Tour (english version)" in Nürnberg

Dauer: 2 hours

Treffpunkt: in front of the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds

ÖPNV: Dokumentationszentrum: bus 36, 55, 65; Tram 6, 9

dogs: Dogs are allowed if being transported in a suitable box.


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